About Us

Our Goal

Here at lucid sourcing we understand that finding good investments can be very time consuming and we’re willing to help out work with investors to source to their specifications. We are experienced in the development and construction industry and we have our own projects we are working on too. Because we are constantly looking out for opportunities our self and have built up connections with agents and landlords, we often get too many opportunities for us to take on our self. So this is why we decided to start our own property sourcing company to use these leads and source them onto other investors for a fee.

We have a background in the construction trade carpentry, Bricklaying and ground work so we know what we’re looking for when it comes to spotting defects and issues with the property structure.

How we work

We find, view and negotiate the property deals before we even bring it to our investor’s attention, we make sure all the numbers and refurb cost etc stack up before we even consider offering on the property.

We only work with investors that are on our list so if you’re looking to gain access to our property deals make sure you sign up.

So when we send out our property deals you will then need to get in touch with us if you’re interested, we will then have a phone call to discuss the deal and the process going forward.

That process is, we will firstly require you to sign our terms and conditions, then to gain full access the property deal we will require you to sign a non disclosure agreement and pay 50% of the finders fee up front to secure the deal, we will then require the rest of the fee on completion of the purchase. We are fully compliant and your fee will be held in our client account for 14 days, if there are any issues with the property that was out of our hands then you will be given a full refund, straight away.

If you have any further questions about how we work please get in touch by clicking the button below
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